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Tokan (LLC Falvi) - Your expert on insulation and assistant! | BrilLion Club

Tokan (LLC Falvi) - Your expert on insulation and assistant!

Tokan (LLC Falvi) ENG


Сумская обл., г.Сумы , Street Cherkasy, 15/2
+380 (542) 66-05-07, +380 (50) 307-90-40 (Andrew), +380 (50) 307-09-08 (Vitaly), +380 (542) 65-67-00


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Tokan - Your expert on insulation and assistant!

(We know of insulation all ...)

Drywall Regips (made ??in Poland) SALE!

price and quality speaks for itself

GCR 1200h2500h9 5 - 51 UAH.

GCR 1200h2500h12 5 - 53.7 

Plasterboard 1200h2500h12, 5 (waterproof) - 70.25

GCR 1200h3000h12 5 - 64.45

Profile UD, CD, UW, CW

Screws (9.5, 14, 25, 35, 45, 55, 75, 90)

Dowel - easy installation in stock


Granular materials:

Cement PC-400, PC-500 Balakleya

Bulk (cement), wagons, in bags of 50 kg, 25 kg


bulk (white and yellow) and in sacks (0.02 m3 0.03 m3)


bulk (5x20, 20x40, 40h70) and in sacks - 0.03 m3


bagged 0.08 m3 (for filling in the cavity, floating floors, plaster, screed)


additive for retaining moisture in the soil, mulch composition)


Dry mixes Tokai

Official representative in Sumy

Clay tile, granite, marble light and dark colors, foam basalt wool

Plasters (on a plaster and cement binder) for internal and external works

Putty (for plaster and cement binder) for internal and external works

Primers, concrete-contact

Liquid floor
(on a plaster and cement binder) for interior and exterior

water proofing

Glue for drywall


Mixtures for facade insulation systems


Plaster that insulates current (for interior and exterior)

Radiant floor heating system current without (always temperature 24 C)

Foam M25, M35, extruded polystyrene

Basalt insulation IZOVAT (GOST)

Official representative in Sumy

- For roofing

- To the front elevation,

- For sex.

Know your price!

Evrorubiroid Techno-Nicole

HKP, EPC, HSP 14 UAH m / n



Plastering (galvanized, black)

Masonry (50x50x3, 0), 0.37 x2, x2 0 0.5 0 1.0 x2, 0

Masonry (100h100h3, 0), 1,0 x2, 0

Molar (density, 90, 145, 160), for internal and external works

Gidrobarer, vapor barrier, vetrobarer, diffusion membrane

decorative plaster

plaster walls

pitted plaster

Moisture resistant drywall

drywall installation

white cement


white sand


Crushed granite



basement waterproofing

Waterproofing sex

waterproofing of walls

roof waterproofing


Two-component floor heating Tokan ( Tokan P and perlite specially pryhotovannya ) mixed in a ratio of 1.5:1 , zalivayetsya 25 litrami water thoroughly mixed ( 2 min. Stir 5 min. Vidpochiti and 2 min. Shuffle ). The mixture is ready for ! Application. Vikoristovuyetsya within 1 - pm .

Underfloor heating Tokan different from zahalnopriynyatih method of laying the floor the following characteristics:

- Very low thermal conductivity of 0, 084 W / m K (4 times warmer expanded clay )

- Low weight , 6 times easier to keramsit , that reduces the load on the slab

- Different temporal shumoizolyatsiy - their characteristics, fireproof certificate in the class G1

- Clean and steam penetrating

There are two methods for laying underfloor heating Tokan :

- Floating floor (specially pryhotovannya perlite prosipayetsya dry vihlyadi , and the top is gathering - floor heating Tokan by DBN Ukraine (not less than 4 cm).

- The total current method ( screed ) is gathering any ball - once in " the clean " on beacons .

The main advantage of such floor - it's always warm floor ( underfloor heating effect without the heating system ).

CHOICE their thickness :

During the construction of private homes or commercial use without additional insulation thickness design choice of exterior walls should be build for reasons of climatic zones of Ukraine.


Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine DBN B.2.6 -31 : 2006 Ukraine territory is divided into four temperature zones and each zone enacted new normatyvysprotyvu heat Rq min. for exterior walls

- For 1- climatic zone of 2.8 m2 ? K / W

- For 2 and 3 -zone area of 2.5 m2 ? K / W , 2.2 m2 ? K / W , respectively.

- To 4 -zone area 2.0 m2 ? K / W

A value of air permeability of building envelopes , Gn

- For exterior opaque constructions of residential and public buildings Gn = 0.5 kg / (m2 h)

Thermal insulation materials of new generation Tokan

The choice of professionals ...

Recommended for use DBN B.2.6 -22 -2001

We give you a piece of natural perfection ...

Sumy street . Cherkasy 15/2

phone. 70-58-08 , 07/05/66

mob. (050) 307-09-08 (050) 307-90-40


Warm plaster Tokan

Insulated, proofing and vapor permeable system based on hot plaster "Tokan" - the most efficient and cost-effective solution to insulation and exterior and interior finish budynkuodnochasno.



It is ready to use two-component (Tokan 3SK and perlite specially prepared) dry powder mixture, which after mixing with water is used for both interior decoration and for external facades of buildings.


Technology of insulation layer deposition is similar to conventional plaster, which is much easier, faster and cheaper than robots based on mineral wool and polystyrene. No need for the original walls, causing soils using the grid ..

With environmental proofing plaster Tokan we zahyschayemos:

     - Against the cold
     - Against the heat
     - Against moisture and mold
     - Against fire

Two-component mixture is mixed in a ratio of 1:1, filled with 25-30 liters of water, thoroughly mixed ( 2 min. Stir 5 min. Vidpochity and 2 min. Stir ). Mixture is ready for use. Used for 2 hours.

The product can be applied to any surface layers up to 5 cm Number of layers and the total thickness is not limited.

Advantage Insulating plaster Tokan in the short term of the work on insulation and finish (just a simple process).

Since the product is used as a solution, which has high adhesion and flexibility, high technology is its use not only for warming , but also to perform the decorative details restoration work , as well as correcting mistakes made in the construction ( wall curvature , roughness , etc.) . Indispensable for insulation and finish surfaces of complex shape, arch structures, walls and other round . Easily polished and processed after curing. For walls facade decorative plasters ( Tokan 2, Tokan - LH , DSH1 , DSH2 ) wall should be prepared using Tokan Gr- Gr- 5 or 2. Recommended ink that does not form a film to allow the walls to " breathe."

Economic effects:

There is no need to build thick walls, if there is insulation plaster Tokan. The wall must withstand strength to perform the function of bearing and thermal insulation plaster Tokan keep warm, protect walls from harmful influences and save money both in construction and in operation - fuel for heating in winter, electricity for air conditioning in summer. Product 8 times lighter conventional plaster. This allows you to seriously reduce "dead weight" of the structure without compromising its insulating properties.

Thermal conductivity

0,084 Вт / м К

Density (unit weight)

311 кг/м3

Compressive strength

CS II 1,6 Н/мм2


0,51 Н/мм2


100 cycles

Fire safety

До 500 С 
Certificate for Class G1


3.5 kg/m2 with a layer thickness of 1 cm


Thickness of plaster

Analogy for brick

0,01 м

0,12 м = 0,5 brick

0,02 м

0,24 м = 1 brick

0,03 м

0,36 м = 1,5 brick

0,04 м

0,48 м = 2 brick

0,05 м

0,60 м = 2,5 brick

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